Support your local business

We believe it is time to turn back the clock in how we shop and where we spend our money. We now live in a world where the corporate monopolies are becoming richer and more powerful and are looking to dominate every area of life.

We know who they are, we also have all read how they treat the environment and how they create clever schemes to avoid paying the taxes that are fair and just and needed to provide for society; and how little they pay the vast majority of their workers, which keeps them just above the poverty line.

The vast wealth of humanity is increasingly ending up in the hands of just a few individuals. I do not need to write their names here as the media treat them as celebrities, choosing to follow their lives with fascination and reporting their wealth daily.

So what can we do about it? We all have a choice in how we spend our money. When we make a purchase we are supporting the trader we buy from, the manufacturer that makes the product. We need to ask the tough questions: Am I having a negative impact or a positive impact with this purchase? How was this item made? How are they treating their workers? What materials are in this? What is the impact does this have on our planet by the manufacturing of this item and the disposal of this item?

The mass mind of humanity has become disconnected from the natural world, with our left-brain way of thinking we have dominated our planet rather than respecting and nurturing it.

As individuals the change begins by taking responsibility for our own and our families shopping habits. When enough people do this, it will change the market place. We cannot afford to wait for government to bring about the changes the world is waiting for.

Written by Ben Molyneux