Networking Focus is for business owners who wish to get to know other TOP members better and enhance the benefits of networking. Much research shows that those who have strong and extensive networks accelerate their rate of progress, are more successful, and according to some experts it’s even good for our health.

We currently have one Focus group located in Abingdon. The meeting takes place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm twice a month. It is a committed group with a particular focus on building relationships and helping to grow each other’s businesses.

The format

The first 30 minutes is a good time to catch up with other members. After we sit down and hear updates from the chair, we enjoy some food and begin the meeting. Two members will then put a question to the group and benefit from the vast experience and advice from the entrepreneurs in the room. The question may be about a current issue in your business, you may want to get some feedback on a marketing initiative, or brainstorm ideas to boost business growth. In addition to the trust which builds over time, we all sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that what is said in the room stays in the room. This gives everyone the freedom to share various aspects of their business in full confidence.

In order to give each group the greatest breadth of expertise possible, we limit the number of professionals per industry. This means that the knowledge and experience shared offers you a 360 view.

As with all our events, the meetings are friendly, informal and uplifting.

Who is it for?

Would you benefit from having a team of experts around you? By joining Networking Focus, you will gain from building strong relationships with professionals in business coaching, marketing, website design, social media, finance and more.

Networking Focus will offer you greater support, motivation and opportunities for collaboration.

Networking Focus has proven to be an extremely valuable and confidential ‘sounding board’ for both ideas as well as the inevitable challenges that we all may face from time-to-time in business. When sharing in this environment, it is hard to put a price on the value that the different skill sets and knowledge a group of business owners can bring to the table. What I do know, is that the small investment to belong to a Networking Focus group is a drop in the ocean compared to the value you should receive. I believe they call it a ‘no-brainer’James Holden, Wolf Productions
As a member of the West Oxfordshire Group, it’s been really useful to get to know our members with some really insightful meetings and stronger partnership building, accompanied with additional help dealing with the day to day running issues of our own companies.

I’m sure you will all bond quickly and start to understand your respective businesses to a much deeper level.Graham O'Hare, Glue Films