Insurance & Legal

Are you sufficiently covered against risks?

Review your small print and legal compliance. Realise the value of what you know. Protect your business and income.

Utilise the experience of our legal and financial experts to ensure your terms and conditions are clear to your customers, you have sufficient business insurance and determine the value of your intellectual property. Plan for events outside your control.

Our TOP offers:

  • 1 hour consultation with a legal expert reviewing your business and/or documentation to ensure that documents are fit for purpose and/or your business is legally compliant; or
  • 1 hour consultation with an Intellectual Property (IP) expert. Combining patent attorney and commercial expertise to advise you on intellectual property management, valuation and monetisation opportunities that exist to unlock potential value; or
  • A consultation to review business and general insurances with a report and explanation. (This offer is complimentary for all TOP members in addition to the services you are entitled to.); or
  • Free 90 minute review of Wills, Estate Planning and Funeral arrangements.
  • A complementary lasting power of attorney document to appoint your desired representatives to manage your financial affairs should you become unable of doing it yourself due to accident or illness.

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