HR & Recruitment

People are more than just a resource.

Use the expertise of our HR specialists to get the very best from your existing and prospective employees.

Our TOP offers:

  • 1 hour recruitment consultation to discuss your needs, costs and implications of hiring staff, or;
  • Bespoke Automatic Enrolment workforce assessment report explaining employer duties, requirements, timescales and cost – specific to your business and payroll, or;
  • 1 hour session on HR Basics covering: employment documentation, absence, long term sickness, poor performance discipline, capability, disability, stress, equal opportunities and dismissal, or;
  • 1 hour consultation on any people-related matters e.g. hiring your first employee, absence/performance issues, discipline/dismissal, legal/policy questions or implementing change in your business. I will seek to gain an insight into how your business works and make recommendations which will be appropriate for you.
  • A review of your current HR policies and procedures and report detailing any areas of concern, for example, where you may not be meeting employment law or highlighting any potential risks to your business and indicating how these may be addressed.

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