Digital Marketing: Website & Social Media

Review your website design and social media presence for improved results.

How you connect with your target market and how you use your time effectively doing so is one of the greatest issues facing small businesses.

Our TOP offer:

  • 1 hour social media consultation to review your current social media activity offering practical advice and guidance for your social media strategy; or
  • Webpage content review with suggestions on how to hone your copy to keep your prospective customers wanting more. The review includes new or alternative copy for one webpage or proposals on where changes need to be made on that particular page; or
  • A consultation to help you start using Facebook for business or optimising your current Facebook page to reach your ideal customers. You will be talked through all aspects of Facebook marketing and shown how it can work for your business and how to harness its full potential; or
  • 1 hour Web presence assessment and action plan analysing your visibility, the purpose of your site, an appropriate marketing strategy and full ‘sales funnel’ breakdown; or
  • Consultation reviewing your online paid advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.
  • Is your AdWords campaign delivering the best possible return for your business? Our Google Ads specialists help you unleash your organisation’s potential for online growth, save money and boost performance. In this free review, one of our fully qualified AdWords professionals will: Analyse your AdWords account objectively and expertly, Identify where you are wasting money, Identify areas that you’re missing out on. We will talk you through the results on the phone, giving you: An analysis of how your AdWords campaign is doing, At least 3 actions that you can take immediately to improve performance.

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