Jennifer Manson – The Flow Writer

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If you were at the last Oxfordshire Project meeting at The Big Bang in Oxford you will have already seen Jennifer Manson speak. She made up part of the panel of speakers and was asked an array of business related questions about ethics, self promotion and managing fear.



What initially struck me and impressed me about Jennifer was her calm and composed demeanor up on the stage. No question seemed to flumix her and she looked completely and utterly at home. It intrigued me to know more about Jennifer, so I was excited when Ben asked me to write an article about her.

Reading about the service that she offers on her website only intrigued me more. Jennifer’s tagline is “Bringing Your Personality and Presence to the Page”, I really liked the sound of this as I know many people struggle when it comes to writing down their thoughts and ideas. It seems to me that Jennifer has found a very essential service for people who want to write a book.

Personally I don’t have a problem writing down what I think, I stumble when it comes to public speaking. Jennifer informed me that there are people out there who like to be on the stage and get very sad if they are in a room on their own. Some people naturally work and perform better in front of an audience. These people often can’t slow their thoughts and their thoughts are gone before they can catch them. This means they find it difficult to write.

Like all good business people, Jennifer has found a solution to this problem. Jennifer becomes the audience for her clients and by doing this she can draw their story out of them and capture it for them. She can also help them shape it and guide them on what the important parts of the story are and this might not be what they initially thought.

Once I had heard all this from Jennifer it became very obvious why she needs a calm demeanor. As I know from my own experience, to get someone to tell you their story you have to have the ability to calm someone down and make them feel comfortable, so that they will open up. Jennifer realises this is one of her natural talents and as she describes she “has the power to shape the energy in the room.” She explained to me “I have been doing this since I was five, I did it to the teachers at school. I didn’t realise this didn’t happen to everyone, but people calm down when I am in a room.”

It is so nice to speak to someone who is doing exactly what they should be doing in life and Jennifer obviously loves her work. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and she says her favourite part is when people drop into the deep connected part of themselves and they are coming up with new bigger ideas than even they knew were there.

People often leave Jennifer with a book that is totally unique because by speaking to Jennifer before putting pen to paper for them she unearths the true story, which might be very different from the book they intended to write. As she explained: “My job is about listening, I tell my clients when we have the story and then I help them to shape what we have.”

She told me about one of her clients, an intuitive therapist, who came to her and asked can you write my book for me. She didn’t want to write his book for him she wanted to help him to find his voice. Her goal was to figure out what the unique part of his work was, so Jennifer asked him to get permission from his clients so she could hear what he did. She soon realised the real power was in the way that he asked the questions. He was not a writer, but with help from Jennifer and working on little pieces at a time, a year later his book was done. All his own content, all his own work but he wouldn’t have got there without Jennifer.

I am very impressed with Jennifer’s work and the difference it makes to people’s lives. Jennifer is equally impressed with The Oxfordshire Project and told me: “Ben’s vision is so inspiring and the group of people he has drawn in are amazing. There was a deep truth and connection between the people and it was such a joy to be in that room.”

If you would like to know more about Jennifer and her work then you can visit her website ( Jennifer has also just self published her new book Easy, she explained that we all have something big and burning to do and there is always an easy way to do something. Easy is a collection of stories from her own life about how she has made things easy.


Article by Joanna Woodcock