Membership Benefits

Business support to help your business thrive.


Computer MOT
(up to 90 mins, at ComputerPro office) Includes:

  • Security review – endpoint protection, backup strategy

  • Hardware (spec) review – upgrade advice

  • Software, services (employed) & current practices review – consider cloud & online services

  • System cleanup & performance review & running processes, uninstall unnecessary apps & disable redundant start-up items, registry etc.

Business IT Consultation
(up to 90 mins, at client site* contribution to travel expenses expected) 


  • Infrastructure (hardware & network) review

  • Security review – endpoint protection, backup strategy

  • Software, services (employed) & current practices review

  • Compliance review – GDPR, PCI


Social Media and paid on-line advertising

  •  A free consultation with a pay per click expert to review your on-line per per click strategy.

  • A free social media session to discuss your business's social media strategy including which which platform will be best for you market.

  • Free set up, claim and verify of Google+ local page for your business, how to beautify it and use it to attract potential customers, respond to reviews, check insights and understand the benefits.

  • 2 hour web presence assessment and action plan. Analyse your website presence and visibility, its purpose, appropriate marketing strategy (search engine traffic, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, social media) and full ‘sales funnel’ breakdown.


  • 1 hour social media consultations to:


(a) review your current social media

practice and;
(b) offer practical advice and guidance for your social media strategy.

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1 free bespoke Business or Personal Coaching session 

Up to 2 hours.

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Oxfordshire Project Video Shoot Offer

A day for TOP members to book hour slots to shoot short 1-2 minute talking head videos for their websites, as done previously at the Witney Innovation Centre and Eynsham Music Room. I am happy to organise and coordinate this every six months, provided we could find a suitable venue to film in that would not charge – or could have their charge covered by having a short video shot for the venue.

Oxfordshire Project Ongoing Offer

An hour long consultation to see how video could work for you – reviewing your Social Media, YouTube channel, website and overall marketing activities to get to know your business and then best advise on how video could fit into that and best meet your business objectives.

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Marketing and Branding

Brand strategy

A clear and focused brand strategy fuels your business. It doesn’t just make your marketing more effective. It can bring clarity and simplicity to all aspects of your company – from your HR and recruitment policy, to customer interaction, and development of new products and services – helping to drive success from within and to ensure fruitful decision-making and efficient operations. And a strong brand strategy starts with a single-minded proposition, that brings to life a shared purpose between you and your customers. As a member, you will be eligible for a free ninety-minute consultation, in which together we will map out the commonalities between you and your target audience, helping you to identify a shared purpose, and determine the best brand proposition for your business, that can guide everything you do.



A free 90 minute branding consultation to answer any bespoke questions you may have on your company's existing or future branding requirements.

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Accountancy and Finance

  • 1 bespoke accountancy consultation with a qualified chartered accountant to support you with any questions accountancy or tax questions you may have.


  • 1 free Xero training session with a qualified chartered accountant

  • A free bespoke Automatic Enrolment workforce assessment report explaining employer duties, requirements, timescales & cost. Specific to their business and payroll.

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Health and Well-Being

  • A 90-minute consultation on how to involve more exercise in your life without having to find more time in the day or spend lots of money. Members can come to my farm in Frilford where we will discuss their day to day lives and current exercise habits; the activities they enjoy and how they can turn everyday activities in to workouts. We will also use the time to have a play around outside and I will teach them simple and fun ways to workout and suggest a few changes they can make to help them achieve their personal goals. Whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, fitter ore more toned.

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