Our Mission


To empower, inform and inspire people in Oxfordshire to get involved in looking after their environment, building community, supporting the local High Street and independent local businesses and local charities.

Our Vision


We believe in the power of connectivity… to create opportunities, accelerate progress, spark ideas, and enrich our lives. We also believe that social change needs to become an integral part of our business and personal spheres if we are to improve our lives, our communities and the world as a whole.

Our vision is to create a powerful platform for local people, entrepreneurs, charities and social change organisations to come together to collaborate, support, inspire each other in order to grow their businesses, enhance their own lives and make a positive impact locally and internationally.

What We Do

Our Events

We have put on over 800 business networking events over the past decade with quality speakers with the remit to inspire and educate our business community. We aim to continue with these events in 2022. If you would like to host an Oxfordshire Project event then we would like to hear from you.

Our Community

Our community is made up of business owners who share our 5 core values: inspire, educate, support, collaborate and contribute. Our members have a giver’s ethos, one that will drive them to ask ‘how can I help’ rather than ‘what’s in it for me’. As an organisation we intentionally nurture a win-win-win culture. As a result, the atmosphere at our events and interactions between members is friendly, uplifting and collaborative as opposed to competitive.

Our Writing

We aim to inspire, empower and inform people in Oxfordshire to get involved in looking after their environment, building strong communities and support their local High Street, independent local businesses and local charities.

Our History

The Oxfordshire Project was founded by Ben Molyneux in 2012 with the aim of educating and inspiring entrepreneurs and working with them to support their local community as well as vulnerable people overseas.

The Oxfordshire Project, known affectionately by its community as TOP has worked with thousands of local small business owners, larger businesses, local charities, social enterprises and local councils by putting on over 800 business networking events and offering expertise to its members through business coaching, consultancy and introductions.

Ben has always looked to create a win - win spirit of collaboration within the business community, leading the way locally in the networking arena by promoting community engagement, ethical business practice and support for keeping trade local.

In 2018 with his partner Svetlina Jeanneret, he launched Mahwe to run alongside TOP. Mahwe is a community for people with an interest in personal development, spiritual growth and for people looking to do the inner work on themselves to come together and learn and find inspiration.

Now The Oxfordshire Project looks to shine a bright light for others to follow as we move forward into a new era of change, where radical action is required, putting people ahead of profit, our environment ahead of endless growth and nature ahead of further development.

We believe that humanity needs to be lead by the wise.

Across the world we have all the knowhow at our fingertips to change the way we live and bring an end to poverty, corruption and the destruction of our planet; yet the self-interest of those in power and those that fund them, the mass media and big business blocks our rightful path to our freedom from poverty, stunts our spiritual growth and stops us from making the reforms needed for our generation and those of the future generations to come.

We hope that people will take responsibility for themselves, their families and the wider community and not think that they alone cannot make a difference, as the first step to creating the world we need begins within ourselves.

Ben Molyneux
Founder & Director


Ben successfully ran his own photography business for 20 years before starting The Project in 2012 driven by the need he felt for businesses to collaborate more effectively and support their local communities.

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