Our Mission


To Support, Connect And Inspire Great People So They Achieve Greater Things.

Our Vision


We believe in the power of connectivity… to create opportunities, accelerate progress, spark ideas, and enrich our lives. We also believe that social change needs to become an integral part of our business and personal spheres if we are to improve our lives, our communities and the world as a whole.

Our vision is to create a powerful platform for entrepreneurs, charities and social change organsations to come together to collaborate, support, inspire each other in order to grow their businesses, enhance their own lives and make a positive impact locally and internationally.

What We Do

Our Events

Each year we hold around 120 events across Oxfordshire through which we offer opportunities to build and develop relationships across a wide range of industry sectors. Our monthly events provide a unique environment for our members and guests to inspire and be inspired, learn and share knowledge, and collaborate.

Our Community

Our membership community is made up of business owners who share our 5 core values: inspire, educate, support, collaborate and contribute. Our members have a giver’s ethos, one that will drive them to ask ‘how can I help’ rather than ‘what’s in it for me’. As an organisation we intentionally nurture a win-win-win culture. As a result, the atmosphere at our events and interactions between members is friendly, uplifting and collaborative as opposed to competitive.

Our Scholarship Programme

Supporting charities make a difference locally and in countries around the world is at the core of what we do. Our Scholarship Charities are sponsored by us and our members to receive full membership for a year, access our network through our meetings and members only Facebook group, as well as support through our Premium Membership benefit package.

Our Young Entrepreneurs Programme

We are keen supporters of young entrepreneurs and we love the enthusiasm and energy they bring. Those young people are brave and ambitious, and they deserve all the support we can give them. We created the Young Entrepreneurs Programme to give them a strong platform to spring from.

Ben Molyneux
Founder & Director


Ben successfully ran his own photography business for 20 years before starting The Project in 2012 driven by the need he felt for businesses to collaborate more effectively and support their local communities.

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